Riskkollegiet – Swedish Society For Risk Sciences

RISKKOLLEGIET was established in 1988 at the initiative of a small group of concerned scientists. Initially it was organized as a ´mini – academy´, with a limited number of elected members. Besides, there was an opportunity for other interested persons to become so-called corresponding members. In the Spring of 2000, the members opted for an organizational change, and Riskkollegiet is now a society that is open to anyone who supports its aims. A small group of highly qualified scientists within the organization, the Scientific Counsellors, will have a special responsibility to oversee scientific judgements which come out in the course of Riskkollegiet´s activities.

RISKKOLLEGIET is a non-profit organization. Its aim is to increase knowledge about risk issues and how risks are perceived and managed. It is a network for people interested in risk issues and, with regard to such issues, will: promote exchange of information on knowledge sources and activities work for improved communication between laymen, decision makers, and experts promote research and especially stimulate multidisciplinary co-operation further international co-operation. By tradition, Riskkollegiet has focussed on health and environmental risks and safety matters, but other types of risk are not excluded.

YOUNG SCIENTISTS: Riskkollegiet has recently formed a group of young scientists (graduate students). Their task is to promote interdisciplinary contacts and co-operation.

SYMPOSIA AND SEMINARS are one of the ways in which Riskkollegiet tries to fulfil its aims. These are usually also open to non-members. Depending on participants´ contributions and available resources, such activities are usually followed up by a publication.

EXAMPLES of subjects that have been addressed over the years at seminars and in reports are risk comparisons, perceived risks, diffuse risks, ethics and economy in risk management, dominating health risks, radon in dwellings, chemical risks and problems in decision-making, decision-making under uncertainty, and future strategies in risk management.

NEW IDEAS are expected to come up in the near future. It is hoped that more researchers in this area and also more people with experience ´from the field´ of practical risk management, both from business and e.g. local authorities, will join Riskkollegiet and pinpoint problems which could then be analyzed and discussed against the background of current scientific knowledge. – A major constraint is the limited financial resources and the general trend in society to increase pressure at work and thus making it difficult for people to take on assignments and projects on a voluntary basis. In this context, new ideas from anywhere are really welcome!

THIS WEBSITE includes more information on Riskkollegiet and its current activities (in Swedish) as well as its Governing Board and Secretariat (for names and addresses, click Styrelse och kansli).